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Who is is a research panel and user community that provides insights into consumer preferences and spending.

Our mission is to connect our members with relevant and fun research opportunities and reward you for your time and opinions.

Our vision is to create an alternative to traditional advertising techniques by engaging our members in interactive studies that allow members to share their thoughts with global brands and research companies.

Our team is passionate about leading the market research industry in providing consumer insights alongside of aggregated credit and debit card transactions to deliver an accurate picture of consumers, their preferences, and spending behavior. Powered by our years of experience in market research and community building, and our unsurpassed knowledge and experience in payment processing, presents a unique and distinct membership opportunity for research participants.

Why do researchers rely on provides researchers direct access to a double opt-in panel of research participants. Whether it’s a single project, re-contact study, or online brand tracker, there is no better way to field quantitative or qualitative online research. We deliver validated respondents who are targeted based on your criteria, and our enterprise level communication platform allows researchers to connect directly with our members.

If you are a researcher, we can help you:

  • Get answers: Who are your buyers? What about your non-buyers? Is your product or concept viable?
  • Tie member’s answers to their transaction history, which gives a unique layering of quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Perform blind and/or branded online market research by leveraging your unique messaging and imagery capabilities.
  • Reduce your margin of error by leveraging our ability to provide a larger sample size of respondents.
  • Convert data into intelligence.
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